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Interviews / Kuwait 03:33
Zahra Ali Baba

Uncovering and preserving Kuwait’s urban history, architect, Zahra Ali Baba reflects on her research, the practice of architectural conservation and the importance of history for the development of Kuwait.

Interviews / Bahrain 03:32
Noura AlSayeh

Young and determined, architect Noura AlSayeh is changing the face of Bahrain by rehabilitating the existing urban fabric and historic buildings.

Urban Series

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Interviews / Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 02:42
Maha Sudairi

Maha Sudairi, design thinker, talks about coming back to Jeddah and building a team of individuals that want to leave a mark with their work.

Interviews / Bahrain 02:59
Wafa Alobaidat

From managing four creative companies to training for the upcoming Ironman Triathlon, the Bahraini entrepreneur on her career that started Sketchbook and her constant approach to challenge herself.

Interviews / Dubai, UAE 03:58
Tobias Gibreel

A love affair with nature: The Sudanese-German florist who recently rooted himself in Dubai brings diversity to the local flower industry at Volet.

Interviews / Muscat, Oman 03:53
Fatma Al Nabhani

It’s a family affair: Oman’s tennis player Fatma Al Nabhani on being the third generation to play the sport professionally and finding solitude outside the court in her country’s landscapes.

Interviews / Bahrain 03:32
Noura AlSayeh

Young and determined, architect Noura AlSayeh is changing the face of Bahrain by rehabilitating the existing urban fabric and historic buildings.

Interviews / Beirut, Lebanon 04:42
Amar A. Zahr

Artist and founder of the Beirut Art Residency, Amar A Zahr explains the importance of dialogue between artists and how residencies leave their imprint in the local community.

More Interviews

6 Videos
Interviews / Dubai, UAE 03:35
The Narcicyst

Based in Montreal but with strong ties to Dubai and the Middle East, The Narcicyst combines lyrical flow with an educated meaning. Hip-Hop has become a veritable tool of communication and empowerment for The Narcicyst as he sees few equals in the prevalent topics that surround the community.

Interviews / London, UK 02:38
Salma Tuqan

Salma Tuqan has earned respect and admiration for her work in promoting and curating Middle Eastern art. Having worked as the Artistic Director at Contemparabia amounng other notable exploits, she in undoubtedly an important contributor to the Middle Eastern art landscape.

Interviews / UK 03:14
Mourad Mazouz

The multi-faceted Mourad Mazouz has successfully teetered both the lines of food and fashion. At the heart of it all lies a personality who has a strong understanding of his culture’s intricacies as he boasts Momo as one of his latest successes.

Interviews / Cairo, Egypt 03:31
Studio Zafir

A Cairo-based initiative to encourage creativity and set up by three founders – Nada Abdel Salam, Noha Zayed and Ahmed Kamel – Studio Zafir is a concept store that offers funky home-grown Egyptian products designed by a wide range of artists and designers. The founders stock their T-shirt brand, Zafir which come in witty slogans referencing Egyptian pop culture and social issues.

Interviews / Istanbul, Turkey 03:28
Alex Varlik

Once a lawyer in Paris, Varlik moved to Istanbul to found Georges, a brand new hotel housed in Istanbul’s most historic building and surrounded by a range of stores, restaurants and cafes just a few steps to the Galata Tower.

Interviews / London, UK 03:41
Alia Al-Senussi

Born in Washington DC to a Libyan father and American mother, Alia Al-Senussi is part of the Tate Committee for Middle Eastern and North African Acquisitions. Having worked in commercial art for three years, she has immersed herself in the world of non-profit art education. She is helping to integrate Libya into the art and culture boom that the Middle East has experienced.