Prison Break

Continue reading Weary of how the depressing eyesore negatively impacted the surrounding urban fabric, locals urged their governors to intervene. Eventually, in 2008, the Tehran Municipality commissioned the Experimental Branch of Architecture EBA[M] to renovate a significant portion of the complex, which has a long and storied history. ‘Fath Ali Shah in 1798 AD, in […]

The Camp in the Clouds

Continue reading [split] How did you end up in Jangal-e Abr? This trip was the first and last time I’ve been to Jangal-e Abr. My friend called and invited me to go camping. She told me that she was going with her brother and that she had no idea what it would be like. The […]

Wish You Were Kish

Continue reading [split] On Kish, Iranians do as they do wherever they go – shop and eat – but here they can do it without any sense of self-consciousness, in their own language and spending their own currency. Foreign visitors may find it a difficult place to access or wrap their minds around, but that […]

Escape from Tehran

Continue reading ‘In Diba’s office I learned what good work was and if I wasn’t able to do things well, I quickly learned mistakes that shouldn’t be repeated.’ Nearly half a century later Nourkeyhani is still employing the fundamentals he learned as a young designer. The architect’s long resumé made him the ideal choice for creating a […]