Zahra Ali Baba

Uncovering and preserving Kuwait’s urban history, architect Zahra Ali Baba reflects on her research, the practice of architectural conservation and the importance of history in the development of Kuwait

Ya Bahr

Continue reading For Al-Mulaifi, focusing his dissertation on the arcane music of Kuwait’s pearl divers was about a lot more than satisfying doctoral programmes’ supposed lust for the obscure and parochial. ‘Thinking about the opportunities that I have because of my Grandpa’s hard work and suffering, remembering little things like the way he cleaned his […]

Experiment 1

Continue reading [split] Behind the bag is a design house called Experiment 1 – a collective of three graduates of Kuwait University’s architecture school. Dalal Al Hashash, Khawla Al Hussaini and Fatma Al Obaid say they started the accessory design house three years ago, as an alternative creative outlet to their professional architectural endeavours. Hussaini […]

Sultan of Swing

[split] In his latest video, Sultan is dressed in an urban style – a heavy hood covers much of his face and what remains is mostly hidden by sunglasses and a short, preened beard. As can also be deciphered from his lyrics, Sultan is not your average Gulf-based musician. ‘We need a new order that […]