Setrak Sarkissian

What sparked your interest in the tabla? When I was growing up, my older brother used to experiment with it for fun. I really liked it and, despite being exposed to a couple of other instruments, it’s the one I was most attracted to. I stuck with it my whole life. Back in the day, […]

The Little Screen

Continue reading Sara Sehnaoui, who conceived the idea behind Dawawine three years ago, sits on a vintage armchair opposite Abed Kobeissy, a musicologist and musician also involved in the project. ‘There is no specialised library in Lebanon, it doesn’t exist,’ he says. ‘Specialist books can only be found inside campuses that are accessible to those […]

The Magic of Mate

Drunk by both Pope Francis and Che Guevara, the South American drink of mate has strong roots in the Middle East

The Hunting Trip

Continue reading [split] Where did you shoot this series? It was in the west Bekaa Valley, around two hours from Beirut. I don’t remember exactly which town we went to that day, but it was close to Al Mansoura, which is where I was born. I moved to Beirut when I was about two months […]

Fruits of the Land

Continue reading [split] Bassatin Baanoub is the story of two urban-dwellers’ escape to the countryside. Yasmina’s husband, architect Jean-Pierre, has a history in eco-tourism and founded the Al Jord Ecolodge in the north of Lebanon. Meeting under a juniper tree during the development of that project, Yasmina and Jean-Pierre’s relationship was perhaps always fated to […]

True as Steel

Today, the brand has a strong creative and technical team that works on every stage, from the conception of a product to its packaging and delivery. ‘There is no traditional Arab trade that fits our work. Some of the people we work with are trained as carpenters, some are blacksmiths, some are welders – they […]