Heading Inland

Continue reading                  ‘I realised in talking to [the fishermen] that they wanted a quality of space and life that put them on equal footing with their emigrant cousins,’ Hashim Sarkis, the architect who designed the project, says. ‘They wanted to transcend the local standards while still being […]

Vicious Stroke

[split] Bombed buildings, piles of rubble and destroyed hotels are depicted in a captivating array of colours on canvas, which when observed closely depict a temperament that is portrayed through his violent brush strokes. ‘I have a temper. It doesn’t always show but in some situations my temper flares up. It was war and displacement […]

Picture A Story

[split] The visual graphic was put together by a team called Visualizing Palestine (VP) who collate facts and figures from official sources to tell the Palestinian story. Positioning itself as non-political and aiming at attracting the attention of the design and technology community, VP is combining the team members’ skills to create social change as well […]

Recording Reality

Continue reading [split] Considering themselves novices in their trade and having already turned down an offer from MTV a week previously, the couple were speechless. ‘Having never been to film school, we were taken aback and extremely happy, this is all we had ever wanted,’ says Aris. Beirut I Love You (I Love You Not) […]

Old for New

[split] Since Cinema House Furniture’s humble beginnings less than six months ago the small furniture company, with a focus on renovating mid-century designs, has transformed the couple’s Beirut based apartment in the Mala district into something of a showroom. What started as a loving renovation of vintage furniture for their own home naturally developed into […]

Pop Up Reality

[split] In 2010, she she relocated with her husband and two children to her native Beirut and now the graphic artist and designer lives in a spacious apartment-cum-studio in the heart of the residential neighborhood of Achrafieh. ‘I think the flat chose me,’ she says. ‘I had a dream while living in my tiny house […]

Snapshot of the Past

[split] Founded just after the Lebanese civil war, the archive is an ever-growing collection of images from the entire region’s length and breadth. Images are collected from studios of photographers, from personal archives and from any source the owners can find in order to create a rare visual archive to chart both artistic and societal […]

A New Beginning

Commissioned by the Lebanese government in 1961, the International Fair in Tripoli was never completed. However, the vision of architect Oscar Niemeyer may still be realised