Mornag Farm

Tunisian water engineer Amine Draoui left the city behind for a life in sync with nature. Now, Draoui’s life is perfectly synchronised with nature’s rhythm. ‘I start my day with the sun,’ he says. ‘I’m bound by it and can’t sleep longer because when it rises all the animals demand their breakfast.’

Dar Delight

Continue reading Indeed, domestic introversion is the key to understanding the medina’s mysterious structure. ‘Everything turns around the idea of intimacy,’ says Zoubeir Mouhli, the chief architect of Dar Ben Gacem and the secretary general of the Association de Sauvegarde de la Médina de Tunis, a consultancy and advocacy group dedicated to guarding and renewing […]

Flesh and Blood

Continue reading Considered one of the most renowned partnerships on the contemporary Arab dance scene, the siblings have engaged in a diversity of projects over the span of their nearly 20 year career, ranging from minimalistic dance choreographies and digital performances to biennials and socio-economic engagements. One factor however, seems to underpin most of their […]