All Ears on Iran

Continue reading Currently Bradley has so many projects going on it’s difficult to keep track. She’s long since settled in as a resident at London-based non-profit radio station Resonance FM, from which she broadcasts her ‘Six Pillars to Persia’ show, focusing on arts and culture in Iran and its diaspora. If you tune into Resonance […]

Electric Gnawa

Continue reading                  But no matter how quintessentially local the places he’s performed in are, his motivation is clearly to spread the love and magic of his deep-rooted musical background. ‘What I am doing here is not for myself. I want to show people what Gnawa is.’ He […]

Meet Me in the Black Rock Desert

Continue reading                 ‘Other menswear designers are much more directional here. But I have to say it – that styling doesn’t sell. Not to men. It gets you support from the Fashion Council and media attention. But I have a global customer. And I’m looking for something different […]

Young Blood

[split] The daughter of a Jordanian mother and Iraqi father, Khammu was born and raised in London. On holiday in Iraq as the first Gulf War struck when she was three years old, her and her family fled the country in the middle of the night through the desert to Jordan. Her design ethos is […]

Finding Filigree

Continue reading [split] Born and raised in Khartoum, Antoun attended Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and has since made a home in the south of England with her British husband. The designer works with Sudanese craftsmen to bring their ethereal filigree accessories to the rest of the world. ‘I concentrate […]