Looking for Palestine

Continue reading Born in America to a Lebanese mother and Palestinian father – the late, great Edward Said – like other daughters of professors from nearby Columbia University, Said grew up on these streets. And has stayed ever since. A year and a half ago, she took the decision to move from her apartment of […]

The Tehrangeles Series | Mashti Malone’s

Continue reading What’s the story behind your name, Mashti Malone’s? In the late 1970’s Mashti Shirvani, an Iranian student living in Los Angeles, started working as a chef in Persian restaurants to support himself. Later, he found an abandoned ice cream shop called Mugsy Malone’s in Hollywood. He used all of his savings to buy […]

The Tehrangeles Series | Ana Lily Amirpour

Continue reading What does the term Tehrangeles mean to you? Well to me, it basically means Tehran and Los Angeles had a baby. What brought you to LA? How long have you been living here? I came here to study filmmaking at UCLA. It’s been six years since I moved here. Is LA home for […]

Sippin’ Sharbat

Continue reading [split] Sharbat is the generic umbrella term for a traditional and popular type of Persian beverage, made of concentrated aromatic syrups diluted with ice water – a perfect thirst quencher that’s synonymous with summer. Sharbat is easy to make. A mixture of water and sugar (or honey) is combined with fruit, fruit juice […]

The Tehrangeles Series | Tehran Von Ghasri

What is an ‘Afro-Iranian’, culturally speaking? What has been the result, in your case, of a meeting of African-American and Iranian cultures? I’m half Black, half Persian. My father is Iranian and my mother is Black American. African Americans have their own culture and heritage, which is very much rooted in America. Iranians are usually […]

Visions of Samia

Continue reading Climbing up a creaking wooden staircase, the visitor enters an all-white gallery-like space – even the floor is white – which contrasts with Halaby’s large colourful canvases. Like bursts of brightness caught in mid-air, intricate paper sculptures in lemon yellow, emerald, scarlet and gold hang from the ceiling. Halaby tells me that they […]