24 Hours in Dearborn

Continue reading                  [split] 8:00AM – Shatila Bakery Whether your preference is bread with zaatar or the ever-famous knafeh, Dearborn’s best breakfast can be found at Shatila Bakery on Warren Avenue. In 1979, Riad Shatila opened the first bakery on Schaefer Road after moving to Dearborn from war-torn […]

Ara the What?

Continue reading                  ‘I began to collect vintage t-shirts. I would see cool Lake Tahoe and Mount Fuji t-shirts from the 70s and 80s and think to myself, what if these were Lake Sevan and Mount Ararat t-shirts instead?’ the designer says. A graphic designer by trade, Shamlian […]

Aloha Arabia

Continue reading [split] Tobacco heiress Doris Duke was dubbed the ‘million dollar baby’ after inheriting a fifty million dollar fortune from her father, James Buchanan Duke, at the young age of twelve, and grew to become a philanthropist, world traveller and avid art collector. The extremely independent and adventurous Duke married at the age of […]