Old for New

[split] Since Cinema House Furniture’s humble beginnings less than six months ago the small furniture company, with a focus on renovating mid-century designs, has transformed the couple’s Beirut based apartment in the Mala district into something of a showroom. What started as a loving renovation of vintage furniture for their own home naturally developed into […]

Emerging From the Shadows

[split] The change begins with the central district of Kizilay. Home to dozens of similar restaurants and cafés, the neighbourhood is being recreated with newly renovated shopping centres that played host to the Ankara Shopping Festival for the first time this year. Ataturk Square has been redesigned with gardens and flowers; plastic dinosaurs placed around […]

Pop Up Reality

[split] In 2010, she she relocated with her husband and two children to her native Beirut and now the graphic artist and designer lives in a spacious apartment-cum-studio in the heart of the residential neighborhood of Achrafieh. ‘I think the flat chose me,’ she says. ‘I had a dream while living in my tiny house […]

Work in Progress

Continue reading [split] Born in 1887, the French globetrotting architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, better known as Le Corbusier and considered one of the greatest architects of the 20th century, was commissioned by Nuri Said’s government to build the gym. Eager to enter onto the international stage and newly flush with petrol money, Iraq’s hopes for the sports development […]

Snapshot of the Past

[split] Founded just after the Lebanese civil war, the archive is an ever-growing collection of images from the entire region’s length and breadth. Images are collected from studios of photographers, from personal archives and from any source the owners can find in order to create a rare visual archive to chart both artistic and societal […]