MINI : Beyond Native — Basil AlHadi


Basil AlHadi

Songwriter, DJ and the lead singer of Karrouhat

You’re a songwriter, a DJ and the lead singer of Karrouhat, an Arabic reggae project. When and why did you start making music?

Karrouhat’s first official show was in 2008. I had a lot of content and I was trying to express it in sounds and also visuals. But I started writing music in 2003, during my university years in Amman. I dedicate myself to music because I consider it to be my identity and a safe place. Karrouhat is my life’s project. It’s kind of an extension of me. 


What’s your idea of home? Where’s home for you? 

Home for me is where I find my people, friends and the people who care about me. I have no home per se because I’m moving around a lot. 




How do you compose your DJ playlists? 

As a DJ, I’m a big fan of research and downloading music to find out different sounds with the aim to represent my background. My sets have a lot of sounds from the whole region representing dabke, Bedouin music and sha’abi. I also do a lot of hip hop and trap style. And I’m a very interactive DJ with the crowd – sometimes I just jump in and dance with them. 


What are your favourite places to go to for inspiration? 

My main sources of inspiration are the streets and people. That’s why you’ll usually find me connecting with people, talking with everyone. It’s actually my passion. I really love people – that’s why I usually prefer city trips over beach or nature retreats. 



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