Falafel in Malmo


Olle Enqvist


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Over the years more falafel restaurants popped up around the city, several of them run by brothers. And when Ahmad Iskandarani got good reviews, his brothers started renaming their stands. Today there are ten restaurants and stands that carry the name Falafel N.1 in one way or another. All the restaurants are independent but they use the same recipe, have a framed photograph of the now late Sadou, the godfather of falafel, and the cocky slogan ‘best in test’ – an epithet that they have carried since 1998, when Iskandarani’s falafel was named the best in Malmö by a local paper.

It is served in schools, there is a company that makes soap from its frying oil, and even one of the hamburger chains have started carrying a local specialty – the falafel burger. Everyone in Malmö has their favourite falafel restaurant, but you can’t really go wrong. All the falafel is made fresh and it’s just a matter of finding what you like among the more than 60 restaurants spread across the city.

The Orient House of Falafel N.1 is run by Youssif Iskandarani, one of the seven sons of Sadou Iskandarani, who today dominate the falafel market in Malmö. At The Orient House, they make around 1800 falafel balls each day.

In 2008 Youssif Iskandarani took the family falafel recipe to new heights by releasing it as frozen falafel balls, which are now sold in grocery stores. The product was the result of three years of research and product development assisted by food scientists from Lund University and with help from the Skane Food Innovation Network.