Nancy Ajaj

The rise of Sudan’s favourite pop star


Rima Alsammarae


Ala Kheir


A guitar plays with soft Andalusian influences. Then a flute joins in with an equally gentle melody. The camera pans across the Nubian pyramids in Meroë, an ancient site near Khartoum, before Nancy Ajaj – Sudan’s favourite singer – takes centre screen. With kohl around her eyes, a keffiyeh around her neck and magenta hair framing her angular face, her voice, hitting the soprano notes she’s known for, seamlessly flows into the music.

Previously aired on Khartoum’s Ashorooq TV channel, Ajaj’s music video for ‘Ghourba’ now has thousands of views on YouTube, but it still doesn’t compare to her better known hits like ‘Ya Zamen’, which has a quarter of a million hits.


The rise of Sudan’s favourite pop star
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