Cargo Collective

Continue reading ‘It was the first of its kind where contemporary art was shown in Tripoli in a modern setting,’ says Najla’a el-Ageli of Noon Arts, a private foundation that deals with organising exhibitions of Libyan artists in and outside of Libya. ‘We worked closely with the building, where we used the space as the […]

Prison Break

Continue reading Weary of how the depressing eyesore negatively impacted the surrounding urban fabric, locals urged their governors to intervene. Eventually, in 2008, the Tehran Municipality commissioned the Experimental Branch of Architecture EBA[M] to renovate a significant portion of the complex, which has a long and storied history. ‘Fath Ali Shah in 1798 AD, in […]

Dar Delight

Continue reading Indeed, domestic introversion is the key to understanding the medina’s mysterious structure. ‘Everything turns around the idea of intimacy,’ says Zoubeir Mouhli, the chief architect of Dar Ben Gacem and the secretary general of the Association de Sauvegarde de la Médina de Tunis, a consultancy and advocacy group dedicated to guarding and renewing […]