In the Dar

Continue reading Today, however, tourists from as far as France and Italy are trickling into Nefta. The sudden influx can be credited to Dar Hi, an avant-garde eco-resort and spa located on the edge of the Saharan desert. ‘The idea was not to create a luxurious hotel, but a small one that is centred on […]

Rising Nostalgia

Continue reading                  [split] Since opening this year, Mama Tani has lured Dubai’s Emirati community (Al Shamsi says 95 percent of its customers are local Emiratis, a significant percentage in such an internationally infiltrated city) with its easy, breezy menu of khameer sandwiches, which are served with either […]

Zelli Man

Continue reading Duret always admired the form. A designer who likes to experiment with different materials and mediums, it was always on his design to-do list to produce his own 3D figure, yet he lacked the means and industrial equipment to do so. Until recently. The designer is now the proud owner of a Replicator […]

We are Bambutiyya!

Continue reading                  ‘At the shows in Port Said, most of the audience is Egyptian – they know all the lyrics,’ recalls Maurice Chammah, a musician and journalist who has seen El-Tanbura perform six times now. ‘At times it feels like there is no line between the band […]

El Ghriba

Continue reading Walking up the cobblestone path to the synagogue’s entrance, visiting men and women come to a huge wooden front door. There they don kippah skull caps and shawls before entering the main room, a large hall covered in mostly blue kaleidoscopic tiles. Sunlight streams in through red, yellow, green and blue stained glass […]

Walking in Oran

Continue reading                                     [split] Oran is dotted with architectural reminders of a multi-colonial past. Over the centuries, many passed through the port city. Unlike most of Algeria, it does not have Berber roots and was never conquered by the […]

Escape from Tehran

Continue reading ‘In Diba’s office I learned what good work was and if I wasn’t able to do things well, I quickly learned mistakes that shouldn’t be repeated.’ Nearly half a century later Nourkeyhani is still employing the fundamentals he learned as a young designer. The architect’s long resumé made him the ideal choice for creating a […]

Electric Gnawa

Continue reading                  But no matter how quintessentially local the places he’s performed in are, his motivation is clearly to spread the love and magic of his deep-rooted musical background. ‘What I am doing here is not for myself. I want to show people what Gnawa is.’ He […]