Ten Coffee Shops

[split]KronotRop Istanbul, Turkey When Çagatay Gülabioglu opened KronotRop on one of Beyoglu’s sloping side streets in January 2013, he wanted to give Istanbul’s complacent coffee culture a clean slate. Gülabioglu set out to open the country’s first micro roastery and speciality coffee shop not to revive Turkish coffee but, as he puts it, ‘to serve […]

The Championship

Continue reading Taste obviously forms a large part of the scoring criteria; in just two sips, the judges evaluate the coffee on its body, taste balance and ‘synergy’. Of the championship’s 19-page document of rules and regulations – the most critical for competitors is perhaps rule 2.1.2.B, that ‘the signature cezve/ibrik must be drinkable’. This […]

Algerian Coffee Stores

Continue reading But Soho legend is a circus of gritty decadence. Long the ‘enfant terrible’ of London, the area has always greeted its tenants with an embrace and a blind eye. As such, the story of an Algerian man setting up a coffee shop – although statistically unusual in 1887 – has long been usurped […]

Fruits of the Land

Continue reading [split] Bassatin Baanoub is the story of two urban-dwellers’ escape to the countryside. Yasmina’s husband, architect Jean-Pierre, has a history in eco-tourism and founded the Al Jord Ecolodge in the north of Lebanon. Meeting under a juniper tree during the development of that project, Yasmina and Jean-Pierre’s relationship was perhaps always fated to […]

Rhymes from the Rafters

Continue reading Satti went from lone fan to rapper seemingly overnight. But his actual journey has been a long one, steeped in rap education. This pursuit is ongoing; Satti studies hip hop like a devout student. A rigorous practice culminated from hours of listening to music, writing lyrics and scoping out underground MCs – habits […]