The Great Roadtrip

Continue reading [split] Tell us a little about the trip you took for this shoot? We spent one day driving northwest of Sana’a, through mountains and checkpoints towards Kawkaban, and another day driving to the green landscapes of Mahweet. Along the way, we stopped in souks, ate at hole in the wall restaurants and, of […]

Han of the Moment

Continue reading ‘Good architecture is all about the “Third Way”, the slow way,’ explains Tümertekin. We are discussing his B2 House, located south of Istanbul, which won the Aga Khan prize in 2004. This über-modern stone and glass villa overlooks Turkey’s timeless Aegean Sea. Yet the stark design gels completely with the surrounding settlement, which […]

24 Hours in Ramallah

Continue reading [split] 8:00am – Zamn Premium Coffee Zamn Premium Coffee was opened by three young Palestinian entrepreneurs, ‘so Ahmed and I can have a decent cup of coffee,’ says co-founder Walid Husseini. With two locations in Al-Tireh and Al Masyoon, Zamn is the first premium coffee chain in Palestine, and has succeeded to bring […]